Fukinsei Bags is a modern handbag company based in Brooklyn, NY.



Inspired by the Zen design principle "fukinsei," Fukinsei Bags celebrates the beauty in asymmetry or irregularity.  Our bags have sculptural shapes and whimsical touches that highlight the uniqueness of the person wearing it.  We hope to give modern women some new options that stand out from the mass of traditional bag shapes.

At Fukinsei Bags, we are committed to not using leather or other animal-based materials in our bags.  We know that the majority of vegan leather bags in the market look frumpy or cheap, and we strive to find ways to make non-leather materials look luxe and sophisticated.  To that end, we are experimenting with innovative new materials, including cork, recycled plastic bottles or pineapple leather.
Each bag is handmade with love from a light-filled studio in Brooklyn, NY.  We hand cut, punch, stitch and paint everything with care to ensure that your bag will last for years to come.



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